Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Early start…. Early finish

With temperatures around 30C forecast at midday we decided on an early start leaving the mooring at 7.45 with no fixed destination, just planning to stop at noon.  Before we left a lady going past on nb Anna Claire called out to Jan that they were blog readers and something was mentioned about the shine on the boat. Bless you….. it’s the other side that has been cleaned and polished.  You were looking at the dirty side!SmileHartshill was/is a CRT facility and from the signage it’s obviously been here some time.



Just after passing Springwood Haven Marina we came upon a moored hire boat.  The crew saw us and frantically attempted to get underway to be in front.  Their efforts came to a sudden halt when the steerer realized he’d left the tiller arm in the front cabin.  LOL

We had no desire to stop at Nuneaton having not forgotten all the dog faeces from our previous two visits.  This time the steerer on nb Waka Nui 2 informed us he though there was a shopping trolley under the next bridge as he passed us. We glided slowly under the bridge and missed it.  This time we didn’t miss the Police Phone Box.


Or perhaps it’s the Tardis!

Always looking for something interesting at Charity Dock.  This time it was Batman and Robin.


Meanwhile Jan has seen Nessie on the roof of a boat moored opposite.


By now it was 11am and starting to get hot.  Jan noticed a couple of topless boaters going in the opposite direction and wanted to know why she couldn’t do the same.  Do we want frost!  Meanwhile some of her relatives kept quiet as we motored past.


Apparently this is one of my relatives


We arrived at the Hawkesbury Junction 7 Day moorings around noon to fine two vacant spots.  We immediately grabbed one and the other was taken shortly thereafter. 

The afternoon has been spent watching sweaty boaters pass by from the luxury of our air conditioned boat.  Yes, Jan is sitting in the fridge and I have my head in the freezer box.  The fridge and freezer have certainly worked hard this afternoon.  The battery went from 100% at noon to 90% at 6pm.  That’s when I went out and finished the wash, T-Cut and polish to the port side.  It’s looking good whilst I look very hot and sweaty.  You might notice some of the ink in the lettering has run.  It Is my sweat dripping onto the keyboard.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Tom, I think you flatter yourself thinking you are related to the orangutan - somehow I believe it has a better sense of respect for its partner in life, mate!
I have fond memories of Nuneaton - I had to go to the George Eliot Hospital and after hours clinic there and they were wonderfully helpful.
Glad to see summer has got underway - here in Waikanae it is mostly still quite autumnal although there has been quite a lot of snow on and in the Southern Alps lately. The seasons are certainly a bit topsy turvy - I blame Trump and Brexit myself - it was ever thus: we had crap summers all through Muldoon's era too!
Cheers, Marilyn

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Relieved to read your air con is working as intended! Nothing better to sit in the cool and watch others sweat in the relentless sun. Where are you headed? We are at Fenny Stratford now and will be moving down to the top of Soulberry Three Locks to rest there a few days. Xxx

Tom and Jan said...


I'm a silver-back. It's Trump who's orange! Nuneaton is lovely once you get away from the tow path grass verge which is mostly dog faeces. UK summer was on a Tuesday and Wednesday this year! :-)

Tom and Jan said...


Jan has told me all about Les showing everyone his one eyed trouser snake yesterday! We will be in Rugby for a few days waiting to assist our son move home. After that we plan to slowly head towards Stratford on Avon.. or perhaps not! :-)