Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Another quiet day in Nottingham

More of that darn painting today with the first top coat on the tiller arm and anchor pole.  A poor phone photo and I must admit to being rather pleasantly surprised with the quality of the coat.  No doubt I’ll cock-up the final coat!


The T-Cut appears to have worked well on the faded cratch board paint.  I certainly took off more paint than the Craftmaster polish.  You may be able to see the difference in the before and after photos.





The cratch board is now finished and I’ve made a start on the cratch floor.  Its already been rubbed back, rust removed and spots treated with Fertan.  A coat of primer was applied to the Fertan treated areas this morning and later in the afternoon the first undercoat was applied.


Tomorrow it will need rubbing back and a second undercoat before starting on the top coats.  Actually the entire cratch could probably do with some attention.

Jan thought the Coutts might have lost their last chick as they created a racket around 10am.  Fortunately this wasn’t the case; the chick had wandered out of sight.  Oh the joys of being a parent!

I’m not sure if it’s just us but we have become very disillusioned with the quality of the BBC News at 10pm.  Over the last week there have been several nights where there has only been one international story.  We’re not sure what’s happening at BBC HQ (funding?) but have now changed to ITV News where we believe the quality is better.

It’s time to be on the move again.


Ade said...

Agreed about the news we to have changed it ITV. Painting is looking like a proper job, nice work.

Snowy Owl said...

Totally agree with you on the news front. I have been bothered by BBC bias for a while. ITV or Channel 4 news for me. Paint work looking fab!