Saturday, 11 June 2016


Thank you for the comments and emails about the Tern in yesterday’s post.  Nice to know you are paying attention. 


Of course I didn’t know it was a Tern or a Swift.  To me it’s just a flying bird, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to increase the blog hit rate! Smile

We had visitors call unannounced for dinner yesterday evening and they bought their large family.


It appears dad missed out at the expense of the kids because he returned and knocked pecked on the hull begging for more.  It was a good mooring location where we may stop on our return.


The CRT weed cutter started ahead of us this morning but as the crew had left their vehicle opposite our mooring we knew we were going to meet them at some point during the day.  Hopefully they will have reached Stockwith in time for our return trip.


Amazing how a full stomach can change your perception. Last night’s visitors ignored us today.  We continue to be enthralled by the scenery.


There are more good moorings at Clarborough.  Like last night’s mooring; It also has a canalside pub.  We pressed on to Whitsunday Pie Lock where we caught up with the CRT inspection team checking the condition of the lock.  Apparently it’s the annual inspection.

There’s a water point at Hop Pole Bridge.  It’s on the off-side and adjacent to the Hop Pole pub where there are also 48 hour moorings and power pods.

IMG_0066With no water point in Retford we decided to top up the tank.  It’s also assisting with our cruising as the weight in the bow slightly lifts the stern which is an advantage with the shallow depth of the canal.  At least there’s no less weed. 

It was midday when we reached Retford and the sky was starting to look ominous so we quickly moored and set ourselves up in preparation for rain.  Shortly thereafter the heavens opened and we received a downpour.

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