Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Torksey Lock and the Trent

Yesterday evening I went for a walk around Torksey Lock and along the River Trent floodbank. 


The lock mechanism is electric/hydraulic at the lower end and manual at the upper.  Some interesting gate and paddle gear.


The teapots were having a meeting outside the cafe and they didn’t appear to be interested in leaving.


As I walked out the vehicle access from the lock to the car park I noticed the ‘V’ in the pavement and thought that was clever making it look like a lock


Then the penny dropped <duh!>.  This is a pair of flood gates which form part of the flood bank around the lock. 

I then walked down to the junction of the channel to Torksey Lock and the Trent.  Actually I walked both sides of the channel ensuring I took a photo in each direction.


From the north bank looking south.  The large brick building on the left is a pumping station


From the opposite direction.  There were a few friendly fishermen about.  They had plenty of time to chat because nothing was biting.

Waiouru was alone on the visitor moorings but opposite a large CRT tug had been moored on the lock landing.


This morning it was overcast but dry and I managed to get a second undercoat onto the cratch windows.  We had been advised by the lock keeper to depart for Cromwell Lock at the change of the tide (low tide) which was due at 2pm.  The tide actually turned slightly earlier and we noticed two other boats were also intending to go upstream.  Both had previously made the trip so we decided to go last.  We’d only just reached the Trent when something appeared to be caught on the prop.  It wasn’t large but had sufficient drag to slow Waiouru. I tried flicking it off with a couple of bursts of reverse without success.  In the end we had to accept a slightly slower speed.  The lockie had told us the trip would take 4.5 hours but we did it in just over 3.5 hours.


The first couple of hours were OK with Jan helping to identify the submerged obstacles but after that the heavens opened and eventually I suggested to her there was little point in both of us getting cold, wet and miserable.  So no photos from this point onwards.

The trip up to Cromwell Lock was uneventful.I’d been expecting it to be slightly more difficult so that was a relief.  When we reached the lock the lead boater informed me the ‘fresh’ had raised the water level reducing the chances of running aground.  We’re now moored at North Muskham.

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