Monday, 13 June 2016

The Missing Cat and a Visitor

Jan baked one of her cherry cakes today and we waited to see who would make the long trek.  Obviously reader Bill’s antenna wasn’t working because he wasn’t our visitor.  At 1.20pm Paul Balmer arrived after long trip from his current mooring at Oxford and duly received his reward.


OK…. Paul didn’t come for cake.  Our Mio GPS navigation unit had stopped working and no matter what I tried I couldn’t rectify the problem.  Paul kindly made the journey to Retford with two laptops with the intention of reinstalling the navigation software on the Mio.  I’m pleased to report he was successful and we again have the navigation unit working.  It appears I may have created the problem when I replaced our old laptop in 2014.  The old laptop had the gps license embedded in it and I failed to transfer the license to the new laptop.

We’re very grateful to Paul for taking the time and effort to solve our problem.

This evening we bought a takeaway from The Missing Cat.  We’ve not had Vietnamese food for several years so when the opportunity arose we seized it.  Looking at the menu we immediately realized the prices were very reasonable.  However whilst we were waiting for the food to be cooked we noticed the size of the plastic containers and realized why the prices were low.  Perhaps it should be call The Missing Guinea-pig.

Daniel wet the bed today.  Whilst he’s a bit feral he is toilet trained so wetting the bed came as a surprise.  If only he had informed us he had opened the bedroom Houdini hatch before leaving the boat to go a walk.  Whilst he was away there was a heavy downpour which wet the bedding and carpet underneath the hatch. 

Fortunately for him it was OUR bed! Sad smileThere might be three in his bed tonight…….

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