Thursday, 16 June 2016

Spiderman and a visit to Rhodesia

Oops a late post.  A problem with the latest Raspberry Pi project has delayed me.

At 9pm yesterday evening we glanced out the posthole to see a youth aged 15-16 in a red hoodie and wearing a small backpack spring over two fences and bound down the stone wall beside our boat before scurrying forward to bounce on the side of the unoccupied boat moored in front.  He then ran around the stern deck in a manner that suggested he was looking for a means of entry.  Whilst Jan watched him from inside the cratch I went to the rear cabin and grabbed our camera.  Obvious the intention was to take a photo of him.  Well that didn’t work because the camera was on the wrong setting and the shutter wouldn’t move.  He bounded off before the oldie could organise himself! 

The area obviously isn’t all that salubrious and we decided to move this morning.  Just three locks and about a kilometre.  We’re now moored on the western outskirts of Worksop beside the Lockkeeper.  The latter being the name of the adjacent pub.


The Lockkeeper is one of those chain pubs like the Harvester or Toby Carvery.  Behind it is a moderately large Sainsbury’s so the mooring is reasonably attractive and certainly better than last night.


In the afternoon I walked the towpath to Rhodesia.  I missed out on a trip to Rhodesia back in 1980 after the Lancaster House Agreement. Smile


Various comments advising the canal is lovely at this end are proving to be correct.



Rojer said...

Hi! Passed you at the Lock Keeper this afternoon. Nice to see someone who's blog you're following. he top 20 odd locks are beautiful.
Bon voyage.

Tom and Jan said...

What a shame you didn't knock on the side of the boat and introduce yourself!

Naughty-Cal said...

We go to a classic car meet at the Lock Keeper every second Tuesday of the month from April through to September. Starts at 6pm and finishes when the last car leaves.

The food is typical chain pub grub but they do a good curry deal on the Tuesdays that we are there, a choice of curry, rice, naan bread, poppadom and chutney plus a pint for £7.95. You get good sized portions as well.

Tom and Jan said...

We are thinking we might stop for a meal on the way back down the canal.