Friday, 24 June 2016

Saxilby to Lincoln

Last night’s mooring in Saxilby was probably the worst of the bunch.  We hadn’t realised the rail line was on the other side of the trees but were made aware of this at regular intervals.  This morning the roof was covered in willow leaves and bird droppings which needed to be promptly removed before setting like concrete.  I walked over to the local facilities to discover they are not owned and managed by CRT.  The men’s toilet light didn’t work and with the door shut it was as dark as the ‘black hole of calcutta’.  But then the last time I saw a toilet in a similar state was flying with Iran Air. Being in the dark was probably a blessing. 

I suspect we’ll try and plan our return trip so as to avoid spending a night there.    We disposed of the rubbish and topped up the water tank before leaving Saxilby for Lincoln.  This isn’t a particularly interesting cruise and is mostly long straights with high banks.  However we did note the three fibreglass cruisers that had passed us on our way up from West Stockwith yesterday had found quiet rural moorings with a nearby pub.  Something to remember for our return trip

A number of interesting boats today. The first didn’t have a cratch.


Actually it didn’t have a bow either! Smile


Jan said this one reminded her of me!


Is this an add-on or did the owner attempt to go under a low carport?



Africa Queen Looks like not much has been done to it since Humphrey Bogart was aboard.


A former fishing boat?

The Brayford Belle winded (turned) in front of us and then moored on the CRT services.  We’ll probably top up the water tank here when we leave.


The 48 hour moorings on the Saxilby side of Lincoln were full.  Well not actually full because two more boats could have moored if the gaps had been closed.  We turned in Brayford Pool to find a large number of moored boats.  Not that we wanted to moor.  The plan was to look for a mooring on the eastern side of the ‘Glory Hole’.


A slight twist and narrow channel with traffic lights where the Fossdyke Navigation changes to the River Witham.


And then we got our first good look at the Glory Hole.

P1020968The bridge was built around 1160 and is the oldest bridge in England that still has houses built upon it.  The correct name is High Bridge.  Wkipedia states The Glory Hole is the name given by generations of boaters to the High Bridge in Lincoln.[3] It has a narrow and crooked arch which sets a limit on the size of boats using the Witham and going from Brayford Pool, at the start of Foss Dyke, to Boston and the sea.

We found plenty of vacant moorings just beyond the A15 and had no sooner moored than it started to rain.  Exploring can wait until tomorrow.


Ade said...

Hi Tom & Jan went to Lincoln when I was a nipper, family holiday near Skegness. Then there was a restaurant or cafe on the bridge we stopped for refreshments and had a window seat and would of been looking down towards where you took the photo from. I wonder if it's still there that would of been about 40 years ago!
Cheers for sharing

Naughty-Cal said...

We don't even notice the railway when we moor at Saxilby. Perhaps we are used to it now as we moor at Burton Waters so the trains pass us there as well. We don't really use the CRT or council provided services on the Fossdyke so can't comment on their condition, but we do know someone on the Saxilby parish council so will pass on your comments about the state of the toilets.

The moorings in Brayford Pool are mostly private so you wouldn't have been able to moor there if you had wanted. They belong to the Brayford Trust, Lincoln Boat Club and Lincoln Marina respectively. You have made the right choice heading through the Glory Hole. Far better moorings that side.

How long are you staying in Lincoln?

We are heading to Torksey this evening and then onto West Stockwith tomorrow.

You should notice that the Fossdyke comes alive tonight. The weekend boaters will be out in force.

That strange boat with no bow you spotted has been moored there for a few months now. Not sure of the story behind it but it is becoming a bone of contention with the locals.

Tom and Jan said...

I'll let you know today Ade!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Naughty Cal, There are a few pay visitor moorings at the entrance to Brayford Pool (underneath the busy bridge) but we thought it would be better to check those beyond the Glory Hole. You were right the moorings here are quiet at night.

We may leave Lincoln on Saturday but if it's going to be busy on the Fossdyke during the weekend we may leave it until Monday.

Thanks for the local info and happy cruising!

Naughty-Cal said...

The cafe is still there on the bridge.

You might find the Witham quieter for the weekend. A lot of the boats can't get through the Lincoln bridges so will be going the other way. There is a cracking pub at Washingborough, The Ferry Boat, which is only a few miles along the Witham from Stamp End. A nice walk or bike ride back along the path into Lincoln from there.

Or a bit further on there is the nature reserve at Fiskerton Fen.

Tom and Jan said...

We have just returned from some local shopping and will probably stay on our current mooring in Lincoln until Monday. We noticed the cafe on the bridge.

Naughty-Cal said...

I know you were not keen on mooring in Saxilby but it is probably a good job as it is still full with all of the same boats that were there before the weekend.

Sadly this seems to be becoming more of a problem on the Fossdyke and Witham :(

Tom and Jan said...

Yes, noticed that on the way back. We only stopped there for water.