Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Moving on and the gps

Our time on the Retford mooring was up.  We could have moved around the corner onto a 14 day mooring but we decided to continue on towards the end of the canal.  The weather forecast wasn’t looking good and light drizzle settled in as we prepared Waiouru for cruising.  Paul had informed us from Retford onwards the canal  gets even more attractive.  Jan worked us up through Retford Town Lock where the ASDA is located canal side.  Must remember that on the way back as it will make carrying the heavy items to the boat much easier.  At the next lock a CRT lengthman caught up with us.  He was clearing the lock bye washes but kindly stopped to assist us through the lock.  The route then became very rural for several miles.


There appeared to be no other boats on the move.  On reflection we’ve only once passed a boat going in the opposite direction. 

I was rather pleased when the gps module in the Mio PDA decided to work.  A delayed result after Paul reinstalled the software yesterday.  I’ve grown to rely on the Waterway Routes maps when cruising.

The rain had started to increase in strength by the time we reached Forest Bottom Lock but that didn’t appear to dissuade some of the crazy locals from walking without a raincoat.  Obviously they are more used to the rain!

P1020843There are 48 hour moorings below Forest Middle Top Lock but as there are also CRT services I wasn’t optimistic.  All the other designated visitor moorings we’ve seen on the canal have been empty but the services block is like nectar to a bee.

P1020844You might be able to see the male in the above photo.  He’s the CRT license checker and I was pleased to see he recorded our number.  There was a boat on the water point mooring above the lock.  It was the Chesterfield Trust boat assisting CRT with the annual canal infrastructure inspection.  The crew did offer to move off the mooring but it’s so quiet around here we managed to top up the water tank from inside the lock.

P1020845 The water tap is behind the boat in the right of the photo.

One more lock and then we were cruising beside the busy A1 motorway.  Too noisy to moor here so we continued on through Chequer House Bridge where the white house beside the canal looked interesting.  I suspect it’s a rather noisy location sandwiched between the A1 and Blyth Road.


The canal then passes under the A1 and heads away from it.  We found some vacant 48 hour moorings a couple of hundred metres later.  They are in the open making t easy to find the ‘dot in the sky’ and terrestrial TV signal.  Three bars on the phone so internet coverage isn’t an issue.

The Chesterfield Canal is proving to be a little gem!

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