Saturday, 25 June 2016


A rabbit runs, and hops, and only lives 15 years, while a tortoise doesn't run, and does mostly nothing, yet it lives for 150 years. And they tell us to exercise?  I don't think so.

Well the result of the EU referendum is now known.  Nothing changed with the Aust $ – UK sterling exchange rate.  Not even a dead cat bounce!

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Republic of Ireland swamped by thousands of terrified English economic refugees who have made a dangerous journey across the wild Irish Sea in swan pedal boats.   Smile

We went for a walk around Lincoln today and very cleverly managed to return to Waiouru before it started to rain.  Ade, the cafe is still over the Glory Hole!

P1020976 There are a couple of local pubs with interesting names


The Witch & Wardrobe


The Green Dragon

Jan wandered around the covered central market.  It appears to be undergoing restoration and the open section was rather small.  The High Street is now an interesting pedestrian mall.


In the middle distance you can see the “Stonebow” which is the stone archway in the Guildhall. The name Stonebow comes from "stennibogi", a Norse word meaning stone arch.  Apparently there has been a gateway here since Roman times.  Catherine Howard (one of Henry VIII wives) walked through the Stonebow on her way to Bishop’s Palace where she reputedly had one of her “assignations” resulting in her execution.

The original Guildhall was constructed over and either side of the Stonebow around 1237.  Of course it has undergone a number of subsequent additions and restorations.  The city council still meets here.

We were planning to visit the castle and cathedral but the rain removed that from today’s agenda. 

P1020972Wikipedia states “Building commenced in 1088 and continued in several phases throughout the medieval period. It was reputedly the tallest building in the world for 238 years (1311–1549). The central spire collapsed in 1549 and was not rebuilt. The cathedral is the third largest in Britain (in floor space) after St Paul's and York Minster” .


Bermitraveller said...

Hi Tom
The result of Brexit has certainly made a difference down here. The exchange rate went from 48p = $1.00 yesterday morning to .5285 = $1.00 this morning. The CBA even halted all transactions in GBP's overnight. I have been following the exchange rate closely as we still have the balance of a 7week boat hire to pay. Most news and radio coverage since the result has been on Brexit - next weeks election has hardly had a mention in the last 16 hours (much to the relief of most); the commentariat is preaching death and disaster re the Brexit decision and is predicting that it will win the vote for the Coalition.
I have been reading your blog since a little before we did our first boat hire in 2014 when I had to be convinced that narrowboating was a good idea! I enjoy reading about your and Jan's travels as I imbibe my morning cup of tea.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Margy

It does appear things happened with the exchange rate at your end. We also found it was impossible to get onto the bank website. But the pound hasn't fallen as much as when we came over (.66 = $1)