Thursday, 30 June 2016

Disappointing Day

The fibreglass cruiser was the first of the three boats to leave our floating finger moorings this morning.  45 minutes later we were away but in the opposite direction.  It started to rain about 10 minutes later and didn’t stop until 6.30pm.

Whilst we are now on non tidal waters there is still a current and we are pushing against it.  Winthorpe Bridge carries the busy A1 motorway over the Trent and we mused about the number of times we might have driven over it without taking any notice of the river below. 


Surprisingly there was little traffic noise underneath the span and we were amused to see one resourceful fisherman had set himself up under the pier.  He’d even managed to back his vehicle to the edge of the bank.

We reached Newark Nether Lock around 9.20am to find an orange light.  I assumed it meant the lock keeper wasn’t aware of our presence and the signage was so far away we couldn’t read it.  After a couple of minutes the lock keeper appeared from his vehicle and gave us a wave before setting the lock.


The boat on the lower lock landing had travelled with us yesterday and obviously spent the night at the lock.  When we entered the lock the friendly lock keeper informed me the locks are manned from 9.30am to 5pm and the orange light means it is on self service.  We exchanged life histories whilst the lock slowly filled.  He was originally from Surrey and had joined the merchant navy to see the world.  He and his wife had owned and lived on a narrowboat for four years but now he’s back on land. 

He mentioned that diesel could be purchased at Kings Marina before Newark and that it was self-service card payment.  The price looked reasonable (69ppl) so we decided to top up.  On arriving in the marina we discovered a large near new Aqualine wide beam on the fuel point mooring.  Apparently the self service pod wasn’t working and the attendant had called in sick.  We waited whilst another employee attempted to manually operate the bowser only to eventually be told he couldn’t clear the fault.  As we were about to leave the marina the boat from the lock landing passed the entrance and managed to grab the last vacant floating mooring in Newark.  It would have been ours if we hadn’t stopped for fuel. Sad smile

There was a gap on the opposite bank with mooring rings fitted into the side of the concrete bank.  Whilst Waiouru fitted we have a large stormwater drain outlet beside the cratch.  It has a large steel cap over the outlet but with all the recent rain water is pouring from the outlet. 


The ‘good ’floating moorings opposite

In the afternoon one of the diligent council workers passed strimming the grass on the other side of the footpath.  Then he kindly came back with a petrol blower and blew all the clippings and grit off the path onto the sides of the boats.  Hopefully the rain will now have washed most of it off.

It’s been too wet to have a look around Newark….. Where’s summer?????


Pip and Mick said...

The 48 hour VM pontoons opposite you are indeed good, the upstream end even has 2 or 3 electric hook up points. We arrived there on the furthest upstream point last Wednesday and the boat with the England flag was on it then!
Newark is well worth stopping at for a couple of days and have a look around. We spent 3 months last winter in King's Marina and got to know the place well. (Last Saturday diesel was 58.6 ppl). There's a good free museum in the Town Hall in the market square.
Tip for the Trent locks: call the lockie when you're 10 minutes away and they'll get the lock ready for you. Red and green lights together means they've seen you and are preparing the lock. Pip says mind your fingers in Gunthorpe Lock!

Peter Berry said...

Thought you might be used to the British Summer by now Tom. It lies between the middle of May until the first week of June every year - and this year hasn't disappointed. Absolutely dismal, where's my ferry ticket back to Spain!

Pip and Mick said...

Oh! And loads of Pink Stuff available in the Yorkshire Trading shop!

Naughty-Cal said...

We just always assume that we won't get on the floating pontoon mooring. It is pretty much always full. We don't think its a good mooring anyway as you get lots of noise from the scrap yard opposite and the flats adjacent. We much prefer the wall behind the Castle Barge or the wall opposite the castle.

Tom and Jan said...

The problem with the current mooring is the height of the wall. Jan can't get off the boat. With fine weather today (Thursday) and bad weather for the following day we'll probably move on whilst it is dry.

Lisa said...

That is s great pity if you couldn't moor up. Admittedly we were on a wall opposite the floating pontoons and it was a scramble but the castle is interesting plus a brilliant bar selling terrific beer, centuries old tea room and a butcher selling Lincolnshire Blue, a particularly good cheese.....

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Lisa

The wall was too high for Jan andshe is "stir crazy" after not being off te boat for 3 days.