Monday, 20 June 2016

Chesterfield Canal anglers trust their maggots

By midday we had cruised back through pretty rural countryside to moor outside Asda.  No other boats on the move which makes for easy cruising.  One thing we have noticed whilst on the Chesterfield is how friendly the anglers are.  Without fail they have all smiled and passed a few friendly comments.  What a contrast with some of the anglers on the rest of the network who tend to avoid all eye contact and seem to be obsessed with the content of their maggot containers.

Jan sat in the bow for part of the cruise and today’s photos are from her.


After lunch Jan went to Asda taking one of our walkie-talkies.  Once she had completed the shopping Jan pushed the trolley as close to the towpath as possible before calling for assistance over the radio.  It was then a case of shuffling the purchases from the trolley to the side hatch.  The galley is now mostly restocked, although we will need to make a trip to Aldi in the morning for a few items.  We also need to visit the nearby Jewsons for a replacement calor gas cylinder.  At £20 for 13kg it’s value for money. 

Tomorrow we will hopefully make it to the attractive moorings at Drakeholes Tunnel.


Judith Emery said...

Beautiful photos Jan.

rigby said...

seems jan has your son's 'eye'

Tom and Jan said...

Yes, she should take all the photos!