Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tyler Wilson and the GPS

A colder day but not rain as I write this post.  This morning we moved off the mooring and winded (turned) to get onto the services.  Actually we were about to move when another boat arrived and went directly onto the facilities moorings.  It would appear they weren’t aware the basin is managed by CV Marine and had assumed they were CRT facilities.  This isn’t the type of recreational activity to adopt if you’re in a hurry and we were content to wait.  Eventually Paul did our pump out and a good rinse for £10 which was excellent value for money.  We then spent ¾ hour waiting for the two water tanks to fill.  Once that was completed we moved back onto the mooring and reconnected to the shore power.  Whilst all that was going on Jan started a steamed pudding in the slow cooker and cooked some piklets <yum>.

After lunch Daniel and made a trip to Tesco via the nearby Tyler-Wilson Boatyard.  This is where Waiouru started her life and I’ve always wanted to return here to thank Tim and Jonathon for their assistance when we had our problem with Ben Harp.  I had previously met Tim Tyler back in 2011 when he assisted us with the recovery.  I’d only spoken to Jonathon on the phone.  Suffice to say we walked through the main gates to see two people standing by a forklift.  I recognised one of them as accompanying Tim at the Crick Boat Show in 2012.  I introduced myself and asked if Jonathon was available on to be informed I was speaking to him <oops!>.  He informed me Tim was also at the yard and working on one of their new builds.  So I managed to meet and thank both of them.

20160531-P1020722One of the three fabrication sheds beside the canal

I also asked it it would be possible to take a photo of nb Oleanna as we knew she was in the yard.  Mick & Pip, she was in the paint shop.

20160531-P1020721 It was a bit dusty as she was being sanded back after a coat of undercoat.  I asked when the internal fit out was scheduled to start and was informed “Maybe next week”.

The route to Tesco took us via the riverside walk and you can see in the next photo how they managed to extend the walkway by suspending it through the bridge arch.


As we reached Tesco I realised I’d been here before.  In 2009 I had been looking to buy a Garmin Oregon 500 gps and the cheapest seller was in Sheffield.  We planned our holiday route to include Sheffield and I remember purchasing the gps from a car dealership with Pentagon on the wall.  It seemed strange to find a car dealer selling hand held gps units.  On that occasion our visit to Sheffield must have lasted all of 40 minutes.  Now we’ve returned and stayed a week.

20160531-P1020724 Tomorrow we are booked to go back down Tinsley Flight and commence our return to Bramwith Junction.


Pip and Mick said...

Thanks Tom for the photo.
We chatted with Jonathan and Ricky at the weekend at Crick. Oleanna's top coats will be started this week. They are nearly finished on the fit out of another boat which needs to move so that there is space for her in the middle shed, the fit out shed. All very exciting.
Glad you enjoyed Sheffield. Which way will you be heading? We are planning on heading back up to the Trent and onto the Chesterfield.
Pip and Mick

Ade said...

Great of you to visit Tyler Wilson Tom and return your thanks again after your Ben Harp debacle.
Must of been a funny feeling seeing where Waiouru began her days and where those tantalising photos that were mailed to Adelaide were taken.
Also a big thumbs up for the picture of Mick & Pips NB Oleanna , my favourite subject is a good build blog so I've been enjoying the blog on this build. It's looking good.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pip & Mick

We leave today for the Chesterfield and then Shardlow.

Tom and Jan said...

Yes Ade, we're also looking forward to reading about the fit out!