Saturday, 21 May 2016

To Doncaster

This morning we prepared Waiouru for cruising and then moved her across the navigation to the water point.  The tank was already ¾ full but it still took an hour to top it up.  Yes, a very slow tap.  The plan was to move the short distance to Doncaster where we will spend the weekend.  There is nothing particularly attractive about this stretch of the navigation.  The left (east) bank is mostly overgrown former industrial land with various signs of commercial canal access.


One of a number of old wharves

The entrance to Doncaster was more impressive.


That’s probably worth an exploration trip.  We were looking for the CRT 72 hour moorings and all I could see were permanent moorings.  However Jan mentioned she had read the mooring was on a floating pontoon.  Just as I thought I’d seen them the Exol Pride came around the bend on her return trip back to Goole.  Some frantic reversing on my part to get us out of her path and against a pontoon.  Eventually I noticed the small sign stating “72 Hours” so we arrived at our destination almost by mistake.

In the afternoon I walked to Halfords for some engine oil.  The next service isn’t due for some time but Halfords was so close I thought it was worth the effort.  Dinner was a Chinese Takeaway.

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