Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sheffield Food Fair

The Sheffield Food Fair is on this Bank Holiday Weekend and we decided to see what was on offer.  However there was one object I’d noticed walking back to the boat yesterday which I wanted to identify.


An extra tall mosque minaret attempting to complete with the church spires?  Today my curiosity was slated when we reached the Peace Garden.


With that conundrum solved we wandered around the food fair admiring the numerous tasty morsels.  I thought I could see my tipple on the poster but I suspect Jan thought I was number 2 or 3.   


No free samples! Sad smile


I do have a sweet tooth but managed to resist… only to regret later!

There was a good crowd who all appeared to be enjoying themselves.


In the end we opted for the Hog Roast.  A bun filled with a generous portion of shredded roast pork, stuffing and apple sauce.  The pork was delicious but the sauce and stuffing had no taste.  Afterwards we walked to the Moor St indoor market where Jan purchased some locally made sausages and two bags of mince.  A BBQ is on the agenda.

Back at the boat I was prepared to make a start on the annual cleaning and repainting of the bilge when Paul from CV Marine pointed out an available mooring inside the basin.  Two new boats had arrived and were looking for a vacant visitor mooring so we decided to move.  It’s a rather nice mooring in what was probably one of the coal loading wharfs.


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