Friday, 27 May 2016

Sheffield Canal Basin

This morning we went for a walk around the canal basin to obtain an impression of its history and facilities.  We’re currently on the 48 hour visitor moorings but have been informed they are actually 72 hour.  Another thing we noticed…. the basin moorings don’t belong to CRT.

IMG_9948-1 CV Marine

The visitor moorings are on the right as you enter the basin.  They extend under the busy city ring road bridge which means they are not quiet.  Currently there’s only ourselves and one other boat on the moorings.


Looking into the basin from under the bridge

It would actually be hard for another boat to moor immediately behind us.


Yes, it’s very shallow.  However the moorings are relatively isolated because the area is in a ‘dead end’ for pedestrians.


You can see Waiouru and the other visiting boat to the left with the busy ring road behind. The basin turns to the right at the end  where there are finger moorings.   The boaters facilities are on the left beyond the red and blue boat.  There are showers, toilet, elsan rubbish, water and pump out.  The latter is operated by CV Marine.  I also noted there was a cage full of gas cylinders (Paul I’ll check this with CV Marine tomorrow).


Immediately in front of the visitor moorings are additional moorings for commercial craft.  A very large trip/restaurant boat is currently on these moorings.  We guess it goes no further than the top of the Tinsley Flight.  Even then I’s not want to meet it at any of the bridge holes.


Around the corner a building straddles the basin.  I recall reading it was built here when the canal company ran out of room.


The above photo was taken from the far side looking back into the basin.  I was rather surprised the area of canal on this side of the basin didn’t have moorings.  It appears moorings here are at a premium and this part of the basin appears under utilized.


A few moorings could be fitted in here!

And what is the name of the building straddling the basin?


There was one other unusual object noticed during the walk.  You might be able to see it in the next photo.


OK…. a closer look

chute.jpg (1 of 1)

It’s an unloading chute (vertical bucket conveyor belt).  My guess is the chute could be lowered vertically into the hold of a boat and remove it’s contents up into the warehouse.  The chute consists of a chain of buckets.


End of the chute

I know there were many coalfields in the general area but I’m not sure whether this style of chute would have been suitable.  Maybe it was used for grain?


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I wonder if the moorings are CRT but administered by CV on behalf of CRT as part of a deal for leasing other moorings.

Tom and Jan said...

Possibly. Here was me thinking you would comment about the calor gas! 😁

Pip and Mick said...

You could go and see our new boat at Jonathan Wilson's yard around the corner.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pip & Mick

I was thinking of visiting JW because they built Waiouru's shell. But now I have your permission to look at Oleanna I'll definitely go!