Thursday, 5 May 2016

Roaches Lock to Dobcross

Following two recommendations we went to Roaches Lock Inn for dinner last night.  Friendly staff and the meal was OK.  Despite not being able to get against the edge we slept well last night.  It was a 9.30 departure this morning with son doing the manual tasks (locks) whilst I did the technical and intellectual stuff (steering).  This is a good combination of strengths. Smile


We’re off…


The Roaches Lock Inn

We came upon another two pounds where the bottom is too close to the top and just as I was grumbling about it a local boater passed on the towpath telling us the canal had only been dredged a couple of years ago.  Admittedly the dredged profile was ‘dish’ (saucer) shaped. 

I wouldn’t want readers to think we are unhappy with the canal.  The scenery is some of the best we’ve seen to date and the people we’ve met are very friendly.


A couple of unsuccessful attempts were made to get against the edge at Bridge 80 so that Jan could get to Grasscroft Tesco.  In the end we pressed on to the 48 hour moorings above Wade Lock where we moored (couldn’t get the stern against the bank).  Jan and I then walked back to the Tesco for the essentials.  Once back at the boat we had a late lunch followed by a boaters meeting to discuss whether (or not) to press on. 

IMG_9732-1 The 48 hour moorings above Wade Lock

During lunch a CRT email arrived advising us one of the locks had been closed due to a defect.  Fortunately it is behind us.  However it seemed sensible to keep going and have some spare time before our Friday tunnel booking.  We cruised for another hour reaching the CRT facilities and moorings at Dobcross.


Someone builds a canal and then along comes a railway and spoils the view.  Actually I was more concerned about the dogleg around the bridge pier to get into the lock.


There Is now only a flight of nine locks to the tunnel portal.


Boatwif said...

It is truly stunning scenery, Tom. Do not give up! We did it in June 2012, found it hard work and challenging. At one point (Mossley?) parents brought their children out to see a boat moving on the canal, so unusual was that sight! Be prepared for a plunging big dipper effect on the other side of Standedge. ENJOY!
Sue /Boatwif/nb Cleddau

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue

Yes, this is a fantastic route. And I suspect the canal is now deeper (even if it's still shallow in places)