Friday, 20 May 2016

Rest Day

Well not really.  More of a “no moving day”.  Although the forecast was for rain we had a clear and dry day until 5pm.  Yesterday we had decided to utilize the forecast rain and clean both the pram and cratch covers.  The inside of each had a motley grey/brown surface which would need to be removed.  Our method was to place the cover on the BBQ table in our private garden and clean them using the ‘Pink’ cleaning paste.


Son needed the technique to be demonstrated

P1020675-1Hmmmmm…… a slow learner! Smile

Once the inside had been cleaned the outside was done using just a scrubbing brush and water. 


By now there was only one person cleaning.  The other had gone to Sainsburys having decided on a late BBQ lunch.

P1020678-1The covers were then refitted to the boat and left to dry.

The inside surface cleaned up rather well.


We have a can of Fabsil to seal and protect the exterior surface but the instructions state it must not be wet for the first six hours after application.  With rain forecast we elected to defer the application of the Fabsil to another day.

Meanwhile the keen BBQ crew member had started on lunch.


Under the distant supervision of his mother…….. 

The Exol Pride came up through the lock on her way to Rotherham (not Doncaster as I had previously thought).  The boat is big, taking up almost all of the lock.  She will be back tomorrow so we will have to watch our cruising days to ensure we don’t meet on a bend.


Waiouru had a visitor whilst we were seated having our late lunch.


The local CRT boat license checker.  As continuous cruisers we’re always happy to see Waiouru’s number being recorded.

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