Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Nothing happened yesterday, hence no post!  Today started with some manoeuvring at Dukingfield Junction.  We needed to have the toilet tank pumped out at Portland Basin Marina which is located in a short arm off  the Peak Forest Canal.  Reaching it involved some reversing and turning.  The stern was a couple of inches higher after the tank contents had been removed.  We then retraced our steps before heading up the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (HNC).  The Asda Tunnel is obviously new and runs directly under the car park.  I couldn’t identify if the date was 1988 or 89.


This part of the canal has the remnants' of its industrial past along with the ‘backdoor’ to light commercial premises.

P1020628-1The scenery stayed this way until we reached Stalybridge.  The aqueduct over the River Tame seemed to be very narrow, but then that might have been due to the lack of a safety rail on the offside.

P1020629-1The river and canal will be in proximity until we reach Standedge Tunnel.  Stalybridge is an attractive looking town with good moorings.  There Is an Aldi and Tesco supermarket nearby. 

P1020630-1Tesco shoppers must have difficulty in finding a trolley because I ran over most of them in the boat above Lock 6.  You could hear the baseplate grinding and squeaking as the boat slowly squashed the trolleys into the silt.

Paul (of The Manly Ferry) had mentioned the pub at Stalybridge.  I guess he didn’t mean The Mill Pond adjacent to the canal; unless he was responsible for drinking all the profits? Smile

P1020633-1Our cupboards and pantry are stocked so there was no requirement to stop.  On the NE outskirts of Stalybridge was a boatyard, but it didn’t appear to be offering any services to passing boaters.  Then I had a closer look at the sign and realised why.


The vinyl really could do with a scrub.  But then who am I to comment as the same applies to the inside of our pram and cratch covers.

From this point onwards the vista became rural and far more pleasant.

P1020636-1 We had problems in the three pounds between Lock’s 8 to 11.  The water level wasn’t low because the bywashes were all running.  However the bottom of the canal is very close to the top meaning we gingerly slithered along doing tickover.  Even the lock landings were shallow and at one point out son had to disembark from the bow.

Things go slightly better after Lock 11 and we made better time to Mossley.  First impressions were very positive with rows of terraced houses made of stone and a church spire in the distance.

P1020637-1P1020639-1P1020642-1The canal edges were very shallow so we pressed on to the NE side of Mossley where our map showed moorings.  Four boats were already moored and I did wonder whether they were occupying the only four spots where you can get against the bank.  We tried each vacant mooring and failed to get against the edge.  Eventually we settled for the best of a bad bunch.

P1020643-1Not many boats on the move so hopefully we won’t grind against the rubble all night.  It’s only for one night! 


nb Chuffed said...

Hi both,
we loved our trip along the Huddersfield Narrow last year - our blog showed where we were able to moor, in some lovely spots. We didn't have depth problems on the west side but it was very difficult nearer Huddersfield. I'd do the trip again like a shot but Dave is reluctant because of the touching-up that was necessary after the tunnel ....

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Debby,

Yes, it is an attractive canal but the bottom is too close to the top in places and it's dish shaped.

nb Chuffed said...

We were told by a volunteer on the Huddersfield side that when the canal was dredged a while ago they didn't dump the spoil on the bank, just shifted it to the side of the channel - hence the dish-shape. He was working for the council emptying the bins on the outskirts of the town, and knows the staff at the tunnel. Can't remember his name, though, but he'll come and give you a hand at the lock if he is around. Hope this lovely weather holds for you!

Tom and Jan said...

placing the dredging tailings on the edge makes sense if you want to save money. We've made it to the top and this afternoon will start preparing the boat for the tunnel.