Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Meadowhall Centre

Some retail therapy today with a trip to Meadowhall Centre approximately 5km northeast of Sheffield. We took the ‘Supertram’ which is the local light rail public transport system. 


If any readers travel this way then it might be useful to know the OAP bus pass is accepted for travel.  Saved us £8 for two return fares.  The light rail route mostly follows the canal.  Unfortunately the shopping centre is located adjacent to the Tinsley Flight and as transit through the flight is CRT assisted it’s probably not possible to stop and moor.  Still, the Supertram is an easy way to visit.


Supertram route

The Meadowhall Centre is built on the site of a former steelworks and with over 280 stores, is the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire.  It was constructed by Bovis and is 50/50 owned by British Land and the Government Pension Fund of Norway and was opened in late 1990.

Jan purchased a replacement pair of shoes in Blacks followed by a trip to Lakeland where she bought a combination pineapple peeler and slicer.  No doubt t will prove to be very useful when we eventually return ‘down-under’.

After our roast yesterday lunch today turned into a bit of a disaster.  The food hall is on two levels with the more upmarket dining establishments on the upper level (no seating available) and the troughs for the peasants stuffing themselves with fast food on the lower (packed like sardines).  We eventually managed to snaffle a table in the ‘Spoons’ and then after looking at the menu realised options were very limited.  In the end we all opted for a burger.  They were delivered very promptly.  In fact I think they beat the sound of the microwave ‘ping’.  Obviously the chef had been having fun playing “hide the lettuce”.  Eventually each of us found our small piece of green stuff under the meat pattie.  I wouldn’t want you to think we didn’t enjoy the meal.  We must have because I had it twice later in the afternoon and Jan had hers three times.


Not a vacant seat…. but then it was a public holiday!

We missed the first tram back to the boat because I had wandered off to take photos of the adjacent canal.  But they were running every 5 minutes so it wasn’t much of an issue.

Later in the afternoon I completed the last of the annual preventative maintenance in the engine compartment.  Well that’s what my back and hamstrings are telling me!  All that’s left is some tidying up.  After removing all the stored items from the compartment I realised we don’t have enough oil for the next service (a major service) so it will be yet another trip to Halfords when we reach Doncaster later in the week. 

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