Sunday, 8 May 2016


As you would expect, the eastern portal of Standedge Tunnel is high in the Pennines.  The western approach is rather open which is a complete contrast to the eastern end where the canal rapidly drops down the side of a valley formed by the River Colne.  If I remember correctly there was another River Colne adjacent to the Grand Union Canal down south. 

We received a query regarding the check points inside the tunnel and I then remembered I’d taken a photo of the 4th station.


The CRT Tunnel Control Centre, Cafe and offices are located at the eastern end.  This is also where the trip boats operate from.


The adjacent Standedge Exhibition Centre is located on the ground floor of the old warehouse


To the south of the canal portal and slightly higher are the three rail tunnels, only one of which is now used by trains.  I managed to take a photo of the working rail tunnel portal over the security fence.  My principal reason for doing this was to capture the aqueduct that carries water from the River Colne over the tunnel portal and discharges it parallel to the line.


I wonder whether the river used to be a “feeder” for the canal in an earlier age?  Apparently the canal company owned a number of reservoirs on both sides of the Pennines but most of these were sold by the government when the canal was abandoned.

Marsden is tucked into the valley below the canal.  It used to be an important centre for the manufacture of woollen cloth at Bank Bottom Mill which closed in 2003


We wandered down the hill into the village for some essential supplies.


From this point to Huddersfield there is a cascade of locks as the canal rapidly descends to the South Yorkshire plains.


It’s all very picturesque.  So many locks in such a short distance will give us plenty of exercise.


Ade said...

Very much enjoying reading about this trip.

Pip and Mick said...

Make sure you stop for some bread or even breakfast at The bread is very good, shortly after the guillotine lock.
If the couple who live in the next lock cottage are watching give them a wave and say hello from me. Enjoy your descent. Pip

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pip

The bakery was mostly cafe by the time we arrived late afternoon. We'll go back for another look in the morning.