Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Birthday Girl

Jan’s birthday today, apparently she is now 18.  The males on the boat wanted to know what she would like as a present.  She said “Anything!” so we decided she could work the 22 lock today.  This may not have been the best present she has received, but it was probably one of the more memorable. Winking smile

It’s lovely rural countryside between Slaithwaite and Huddersfield.  The Bluebells are now out in force.IMG_9794-1


The numerous former mills along the valley floor are a reminder of the areas industrial past and the canal obviously played its part.


There is a sharp right then left turn where Golcar Aqueduct takes the canal over the River Colne.  It will be particularly remembered by us for the way Waiouru lost all steerage when I attempted the right turn.  A trip down my favourite hatch resulted in us becoming the owners of a car inner tube.


Golcar Aqueduct

We stopped on the mooring bollards below Lock 9 for lunch and a drink before pressing on to do the final eight locks.  From this point onwards the canal becomes urban.  Locks 2 & 3 are obviously new being deeper, wider and made from concrete.  This would have been completed during the restoration.

Part of the pound between locks 2 and 1 obviously needed to be strengthened during the restoration.


At Lock 1 we found a boat moored on the lower lock landing.  The couple had their chairs out and were soaking up the afternoon sun.  It’s a lovely spot to be moored but they were occupying the entire lock landing meaning there was no room for another boater to board or alight.  The landing is also immediately in front of a bend.  I managed to reboard Waiouru with great difficulty watched by the couple who cheerfully called out their congratulations. <@#$%^&>! 

We stopped at Aspley Wharf Marina for diesel.  The propulsion tank took 132 litres and the domestic tanks another 131 litres.  Rest day tomorrow as Jan needs to recover from her birthday exertions celebrations. Smile


Ade said...

Happy Birthday Jan. X

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jan I see he made you work hard on your special day. Time to start planning something dastardly for his next birthday day!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Jan.

Robin and Jenny