Sunday, 15 May 2016

A bargain, customer service and a castle

How many UK readers know Asda is currently running a ‘special’ on 2TB Western Digital external hard disk drives.  The usual price is approximately £60-80 and Asda are selling them for £19.  It’s not advertised on their website.  I looked at Google Maps and realised there was a large Asda about 4km from our current mooring and decided to try my luck.  The route was a mixture of urban roads and rural footpaths. 

The route took me past what appeared to be the remains of a motte & bailey castle and upon checking my map I identified it as the ruins of Sandal Castle.  This castle had a long history of association with the Earl of Surrey.  This seemed rather strange as Surrey is south of London.  However I’m coming to the realization that the ‘nobility’ had properties all over England. 


This castle was first established by the Normans as a timber motte & bailey structure and was subsequently rebuilt in stone. In the middle of the 15th century during the War of the Roses, Richard Plantagenet made a bid for the throne of England and occupied Sandal Castle in bid to counter Lancastrian dissent.  However his forces were defeated by those of Queen Maude who advanced from Pontefract.  Both Richard and his son were killed in the Battle of Wakefield.  Thereafter the castle fell into disuse and eventually much of the stone was taken for lock building projects.

Unfortunately the Wakefield Asda store had sold out of hard drives.  Sometimes this happens with bargains.  No doubt they will appear on flea-bay over the next few days! Sad smile

We needed a small piece of 3 ply timber (or equivalent) to make a small repair to the boat.  After walking around Wakefield I eventually discovered a joinery shop.  However they told me they didn’t sell plywood and directed me to a timber merchant outlet which just happened to be around the corner from our mooring (but in the opposite direction).  I walked into the service counter to be informed by one member of staff “We close at 12”.  I checked my watch and it was 11.55 so I informed him “I only have a quick inquiry”.  Then another member of staff behind the counter asked what I wanted and I told him “A small piece of plywood”.  He then bluntly told me “We’re closed!”  Obviously they didn’t want my business and I think they have a customer service issue!

Never mind, Jan and I were walking down the towpath in the late afternoon when I came upon a one metre length of rough sawn treated timber that was just the right thickness.


I only need a piece 150mm long and 40mm wide so there is plenty of surplus if I get it wrong the first time.


KevinTOO said...

Oh Tom you are such a tease, you got
me all excited about the hard drives
that I actually rang my local store
... and they have sold out too :(

Tom and Jan said...

Welcome to a very large club 😁

Quaysider said...

It's lovely to see someone else out and about in Wakefield... we love living here but yes - Howarth timber can be a bit "difficult" sometimes. IF your towpath trophy doesn't do the job, there is a homebase, b and q and wickes all within about half a mile from where you are moored.

We've a full on day ahead, gravelling the drive with 3.6 tonnes of gravel (in bags) but if you need help with anything, please give us a shout - it'd be a welcome break from the raking :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks for the offer of help but I think we'll be fine with the 'free' piece of timber. Besides, I'd feel guilty dragging you away from all that lovely raking! 😂