Friday, 29 April 2016

Thoughts of Spain

Something happened today which reminded me of the young Australian backpacker exploring Spain during his European OE.  He had reached a smallish rural town and seen the town attractions along with attending a local bullfight.  Eventually he found accommodation in one of the town’s small hostel’s before heading out for a late evening meal.  He came upon a small cafe/restaurant with a vacant table in one corner.  With almost no knowledge of Spanish he randomly pointed to one item on the menu.  The waiter duly returned with his selected dish which consisted of a selection of boiled and roast vegetables along with two large meatballs covered in a dark sauce.  He was pleasantly surprised to discover his selected meal was both tasty and filling.

He spent the following day exploring the local countryside on a hired bike returning to his hostel on dusk.  Because he had enjoyed the previous dinner he returned to the same small restaurant and pointed to the same dish on the menu.  The waiter delivered his meal and it was exactly the same except he noticed was the meatballs were considerably smaller.  He wondered if he had offended the staff or given too small a tip the previous evening.  Nevertheless it was a very tasty meal.  When the waiter returned to take his empty plate he asked the young Aussie in very poor English if the meal had been satisfactory?   The young Aussie confirmed it had been good but mentioned the meatballs were smaller.  The waiter paused and then in broken English explained “Ah senor; the bull…… sometimes he wins!” 

Now my reason for mentioning this is because the following is on tonight’s dinner menu.


No…. I’m not singing with the sopranos and the bull didn’t donate them!

Our youngest has returned from a day trip to Scotland with some Haggis for us to try Smile

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