Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Peaceful Mooring

Before getting into this post I must thank the ladies for the comments and sympathy regarding my runny (sprinting) nose.  Somewhere along the way the Vicks on the soles of my feet before bed was missed.  No doubt the bedbugs were relieved.  I prefer to let nature take its course in situations like these in the belief it enhances my own natural immune system.  However a dripping nose does annoy the hell out of me.  In the past I’ve used Sudafed to dry it up.  When I asked Jan two days ago if we had any she dived into the recreational chemicals drawer and triumphantly produced a packet.  I’ve been swallowing them for the last two days and if they have done anything its been to make my nose run even faster.  Yesterday evening I examined the packet and realised this particular brand was to relieve nasal congestion After trolling through the contents of the drawer I found a package covered in Arabic script.  Obviously something I bought whilst in the Arabian Peninsula. As the only drug I take is Sudafed I guess I must have bought them to stop a runny nose, but who knows what’s in them.  Nevertheless I took one before bed.  My nose did dry up during the night but this morning I developed a fascination with the pretty little white and black goat in the adjacent field.  I’m sure she winked at me.  Might have to take a few more of these pills.

The best way to get rid of feeling unwell is a good long walk in the fresh air.  I plotted out a local 15km route which included some small lengths of  footpath not on the Open Street Map and headed of this afternoon to record them.

burscoughPlanned route in blue and recorded data in red. 

I’m now feeling much better. 


Scarisbridge Marina

This would have to be the widest boat we’ve seen on the Leeds – Liverpool Canal.  We last saw it arriving at Litherland just as we were departing.  I though there was another boat immediately behind him wanting to pass.  However we he got closer I could see the second boat was on tow.  It looked like a sailway.


Meanwhile Jan was getting to know the neighbours.  They are a friendly bunch around here.


The weather today is a total contrast to yesterday, warm and sunny.  At one point the solar panels were generating 12amps.

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