Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Leigh to the Trafford Centre

It was a relatively late start this morning with a stop at the Leigh water point to top up the tank.  We didn’t start any serious cruising until after 10am and reached The Trafford Centre by 12.30.  With no locks or swing bridges it was an easy day.

Just west of Worsley I noticed a working boat coming from the opposite end of the straight.  It had a bright blue and red colour scheme which suggested it had to be Jo & Keith on Hadar.  I guessed they wouldn’t be able to identify us in the distance, which gave me time to warn the rest of the crew.  Our photographer managed to record the event.


I think Jo might have recognised us Smile


A lovely couple and it’s great to see them back happily cruising.  We hope they enjoy Liverpool as much as we did.

Worsley is an attractive spot on the canal so our photo opportunity was repeated.



I still believe this is the most unusual “man shed” I’ve ever seen!

We moored outside the Trafford Centre and then I walked to B&Q to buy a length of 3x2.  We’re planning to go over the Huddersfield and if my memory is correct we will need a handspike to work the lock paddles on the far side.  The handspike replaces the usual windlass and can be purchased for approximately £10.  My plan is to make one.  Well I couldn’t buy a 1.2 metre length of 3x2 but for £2 I managed to buy a 2.4 metre length.


Back at Waiouru I had Jan extract my Aldi 3 way saw from deep storage and cut the length in half.  We now have a spare handspike.  This involved a little blood, sweat and tears.  My sweat and Jan managed to cut herself on the saw blade.  To both our surprise her blood wasn’t blue.


Pip and Mick said...

The hand spike needs to be hard wood. Soft wood will just get chewed up.
Enjoy the HNC, we had a great time.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mick

Hopefully four ends will last for a single transit otherwise the search party will be looking for two skeletons! :-)