Monday, 18 April 2016

A Week

A week later and we’re back on the same mooring at Litherland, albeit facing in the opposite direction.  Our time in Liverpool was up this morning which meant we had to be up early to meet CRT at the first lock for our assisted passage on the Liverpool Link.

I managed to take a couple of photos before we departed.  It was a very quiet scene.


A wide beam was departing at the same time and initially I thought it was the hotel boat.  However Jan quickly pointed out it was a private boat.

The cruise out of Liverpool was both quick and uneventful.  It has been an interesting visit and we would commend it to other boaters who have yet to visit Liverpool by boat.  The CRT staff were particularly friendly and helpful.  Electricity and water on the mooring pod and rubbish collected from the stern every day (except Tuesday).  It’s funny how you keep seeing new things.  This morning I noticed the brickwork on the top of the Pump House chimney.  Why now; I’d already photographed it on two previous occasions and never noticed the top!




A final photo of The Victoria Clock Tower.  A pity we weren’t able to make it there by foot.


We were assisted up the Stanley Docks flight by “Sid” of “Sid’s Ditch”


During our ascent both Jan and I noticed the markings in the stonework on the lock walls.  Sid explained that some of them were the marks of the stonemasons; which we already knew.  However others were for the old boatmen to use their poles in the days when the boats were horse drawn.

IMG_9648I was rather grateful the wide beam had gone ahead.  He seemed to be the one collecting the “urban jellyfish” around his prop leaving us to have an uneventful cruise to the mooring.

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Heather Norris said...

We are just en route to Liverpool, you passed us today at Scarisbrick we are on Smile and Wave. Our passage is booked for Wed. Glad you had a good time in my home city. Heather & Mike