Friday, 25 March 2016

What… a fourth!

This morning we noticed the navigation lights came on when the boat was put into reverse.  I turned them off using the switch, but then they came back on when the boat was placed into forward.  The gearbox is controlled mechanically by steel control cables.  There’s no electrical part to the system.  The fact that this mechanical system was turning the navigation lights on had me puzzled for several minutes.  Then the grey matter kicked in and I remembered I’d recently replaced the bow thruster control panel which is located close to both the throttle controls and the light switches.  I’d knocked the wiring loose and each time the gearbox was engaged the mechanism was bumping the navigation light switch activating it.  Problem solved.

Readers please note there may not be regular daily posts over the next fortnight depending upon whether (or not) I can get internet access.


KevinTOO said...

No daily posts... for two weeks... ?
Good grief I'm going to need therapy... !

Tom and Jan said...

Ok....I'll try

But then Jan tells me I'm very trying!😁

Judith Emery said...

Where are you going to not be able to get Internet signal? I too will need therapy!