Sunday, 13 March 2016


Warning…. Morrison’s supermarkets are sourcing their toilet paper from an Australian manufacturer.  Two factors have highlighted this situation.  First, the perforations in the two ply are offset by half a sheet.  You always end up with a loose half sheet which makes completing the paperwork difficult.  Second, the diameter of the central cardboard tube is twice the diameter of the standard UK roll.  This significantly reduced the number of individual squares on each roll.  The matter hasn’t been confined to a single roll.  Every roll from the packet has the same characteristics.  Finally, the larger diameter tube is more easily knocked of the roll holder.

You have been warned!

We have completed a two hour cruise and moved to Sale.  There are a couple of long straights on this section of the Bridgewater.  The latter half was mostly completed on tick-over as the offside was linear moorings.


Some people have some very common boat names (Judith!) Smile


The Kings Ransom had been recommended as a safe and suitable place to moor in Sale.  It’s a very short walk to the shopping centre from here.  There are three supermarkets (Tesco, Aldi & Sainsbury’s) along with the usual high street shops.


The Kings Ransom

We managed to get our stern line onto the last mooring ring using a pin for the bow.  There is a long towpath ahead of us and the next towpath access point is almost a kilometre away so it should be reasonable quiet.

In the afternoon son and I went for a local walk completing a circuit to the NW.  On the way we passed Stretford Mall and decided to look inside.


A very bland looking building (ie, another square concrete box).  Similar to the shopping mall in Runcorn.


On the way back we walked behind Coronation Street.  Well probably not, but typical terraced housing with the small backyard and narrow alleyway.  Today the alley was full of bins but if you were here 100 years ago the alley would probably be used by the night cart men.


In the evening I went out to practice my night photography on the Kings Ransom.  I need all the practice I can get!

kings ransom1kings ransom2Out of the dozens of photos I managed to take two that were passable.  And only because our son was there to offer advice. 


Neil Corbett said...

A guy called Jim Eldon (The Brid Fiddler) wrote a song about just this problem. The chorus goes something like this
'Pass one ply round behind
See your problems all unwind
There never was a fault you'll find
If you just pass one ply round behind'
It works!
If you want all the words Neil could supply them, he used to sing it at folk clubs in the past. If we ever meet up I'll get him to sing it to you, it's a jolly little ditty.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

And here was me thinking you were going to describe the one square technique! 😂

Judith Emery said...

The owner was on Serena last time we went past so he hailed us, have seen a few Serena's on our travels. Replied to Kathie on your email. At home at the moment so don't keep as upto date with blogs as I do when on board.
Nb Serena