Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Chinese and the Fort

Roadpro contacted us this afternoon confirming my analysis of the fault with the satellite dome.  The controller box requires a new printed circuit board and the technician kindly told me it’s a very rare fault <our luck>.  It’s now out of warranty and the repair cost is more than I would have liked<ouch!>.  Still, four years ago I extensively search the internet to find the cheapest supplier, so we have probably broken even.  The faulty board has already been replaced and the distributor is now awaiting payment before sending it back.  I’ve even managed to find an 8mm spanner which will <hopefully> make the reinstallation easier. 

Today our son decided to take us to China Town for lunch.  Yes, he is well trained when it comes to hospitality.  But we’re not pushing it as he will probably be the one selecting our nursing home!


I know, poor photos.  I only the phone camera <excuse>.  We went to the “China Buffet” which is on the right in the above photo.  You go into the basement and it’s all you can eat for £6.50 each.  We waddled out after three servings.  I’ve subsequently noticed my ‘six pack’ has been converted into a ‘keg’.

Jan loves wandering around the Chinese supermarkets.  It probably brings back memories of our two years living in Singapore.


Wing Fat managed to acquire too much of our cash.

Later in the afternoon we went for a local walk in an unsuccessful attempt to empty my keg.  I had already guessed there would have been some type of Roman presence in Manchester, but hadn’t realised how close it was to our mooring.  We are moored inside the Roman fort.  The following Google Earth screen dump shows the location of the fort overlayed on the canal.  Our mooring is identified by the red arrow.

roman fort Of course there is almost no sign of the original fort.  The opposite end of the arrow is Northgate, so that’s probably a small clue.  There are some preserved ruins in the top left corner of the red box.


Aren’t the layers of history fascinating!

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