Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Stockton Heath

We’ve been moored in Stockton Heath for the last two days finding it a very pleasant place.  The plan was to go to the nearby London Road Inn for our usual Sunday lunch but it’s currently closed for renovation.  The sign outside states it will re-open later this month.  We then walked north into the Stockton Heath shopping centre where we found the Mulberry Tree Hotel on the corner of the A56 & A49. 

20160306_133811 I’d rate the meal 5/10.  My roast pork tasted like it might have been boiled and Jan was disappointed with her flat Yorkshire pudding.

In the afternoon son and I walked north on the London Road to Warrington which is much larger.  The shopping area has been made a pedestrian precinct.


I needed to visit Maplin for some cable and then we wandered around the town centre finding the old market place.

20160305_14274420160305_142816I had a quick look online but couldn’t find any information about the structure.  However I think it looks Victorian. 

There is a new retail park on the northern outskirts of Warrington which we subsequently walked to the following day.  Son and I managed to visit all three local outdoor shops (Go Outdoors, Sports Direct & Decathlon) along with some shopping in The Range.

On the long walk back to the boat I happened to notice the following church.


It was the unusual sign that caught my eye.  It reads “Indoor Climbing Centre”.  Not your usual biblical quote, but probably still relevant! Smile

Whilst I was interested in the church our son was attracted to Steph’s pride and joy.


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