Thursday, 31 March 2016

Still on the run

Another blog post with a nautical flavour..
After hearing some Geordies had cross into Scotland looking to put me straight about Gateshead I decided a water gap might be a prudent idea and caught the bus from Glasgow to Caimryan on the west coast of Scotland.  The latter half of the journey was adjacent to the coastline and more interesting than the inland portion of the trip.
Crofters cottage
I did wonder what the name of the island was off the coast.  It always seemed to be in view and has an interesting dome shape.  Eventually I discovered it is Ailsa Craig in the outer Firth of Clyde.  It’s the plug of an extinct volcano
I never did identify these ruins
Attractive coastline, but it did look cold and after seeing three static caravan parks wondered why anyone would want a static caravan here.
The bus took me directly to the ferry,  I used Stena Ferries.  It’s a Swedish owned company and one of the largest ferry operators in the world.
Vehicles were loaded through the stern doors and I assumed this would also be the exit point.  However the vessel also had bow doors which is how it was unloaded at the other end.
IMG_9305The ferry departed for the 2.5 hour crossing to Belfast
The competition!
As we approached Belfast there was time for some experimenting using the panorama function on the phone.
So after an uneventful crossing of the Irish Sea here I am safely in Northern Ireland,
Hi Jennie, yes I think the Kelpies are worth a visit, but if it were me I wouldn’t be making a special trip just to see them.

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