Wednesday, 2 March 2016

River Walk

Youngest son and I went for a walk from Northwich on path beside the River Weaver heading upstream.  There is an excellent path on the eastern side and a slightly rougher track on the opposite bank.  I forgot to take a camera and as a consequence all the photos in this post were taken using the camera in the Garmin GPS.  It’s only a 2MP lens hence the poor quality (well that’s my excuse).

This is the footbridge leading to Hunt’s Lock (2).  The weir is beyond the bridge.


Looking back you can see the locks to the left with the route to the right leading to the weir.


About a kilometre further upstream is what appears to be a boatyard.  There’s no signage but the mobile cranes and boats on the bank suggested it is in use.  It was at this location where we noticed a couple of large vessels.  Commercial traffic has ceased on the river but these give an indication of the size of boats that used to ply these waters.


Beyond this point was a flash that was being used as moorings for a number of boats.


We walked on to Hartford Bridge (1939) crossing it to return to Northwich using the rough path on the west bank.

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