Saturday, 19 March 2016

Oh No! and more fettling

This morning an email arrived from the supplier of the bow thruster control panel which I ordered online last Monday.  I specifically confirmed it would be sent using Royal Mail as I would need to collect it using the Post Restante service.  The email advised it had been couriered using FEDEX <grrrrrr>.  Son and I walked to the main post office in the hope it had arrived along with the repaired sat-dome controller box.  We departed empty handed going to Aldi for some essentials.  Then our son decided to use his phone to recheck the FedEx online delivery status.  It had been delivered.  I confess to being surprised.  To cut a long story short we returned to the post office and collected the package.


Now all I need to do is modify the panel to fit the boat. 

Later in the day I used the cable left over from testing the sat-dome to fit another 12V socket in the boat.  When designing the layout I hadn’t anticipated the number of electronic devices I could convert to accept a 12V power source.  This new 12V socket will mostly be used to charge the laptop in the saloon. 


One of the advantages of the decentralized canbus DC power systems is the ease of adding to or modifying the system.  It only took me 20 minutes to install the new socket and connect it to the central power node.  Reconfiguring the software would have only taken 15 seconds.

Well the Barton Swing Aqueduct re-opens tomorrow which means we will hopefully be cruising.

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