Friday, 11 March 2016


Finding a mooring in Lymm has been considerably easier than two years ago.  Obviously it’s the quiet time of year and no doubt things will be different at Easter.  We had a choice of moorings opting to stay on the towpath side.


Perhaps you recognise the wide beam moored behind us.


Lois & Tim on Millie Maize.  Our last meeting with them was on the Bridgewater at Plank Lane some two years ago.

Today we had a leisurely walk around the village buying fresh bread from the bakery and sausages from the butcher, followed by lunch at the Spread Eagle Hotel.  Afterwards son and I went for a local walk.  First it was south around Lymm Dam.  I covered this same area last time Jan and I were here.


St Mary’s Church

Then we crossed back over the canal heading north to the Manchester Ship Canal.  The route took us over what can only be a former railway alignment.


The alignment is shown as a public footpath on the OSM but no name is provided?  The western end appears to finish at Warrington.  We continued north eventually reaching the ship canal.


I noticed a large pine tree during our walk back to the railway footpath.


It was the ladder up the side and the antennas in the foliage that gave away the fact it’s actually a disguised mobile phone tower.  However I couldn’t understand the need to disguise it out in the countryside?

And I finally managed to get a photo of one of these.  Usually by the time I have the camera up to my eye they have either flown away or turned their back on me.


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