Monday, 21 March 2016


It was interesting to note all the boats that had been moored at the Trafford Centre when I walked there six days ago have gone.  Then I read on a canal forum that the enforcement officer had arrived demanding payment for overstaying.  They must have all departed as soon as the Barton Swing Aqueduct was re-opened. 

It’s the only existing canal swing aqueduct in the world. Opened in 1898, the mechanism was water hydraulic with the power coming from two coal fired steam boilers.


There Is a large quantity of litter in the trough.  Probably a combination of it being narrower than the canal and a natural “choke point”. Also, the proximity of the residential area on the northern bank.

IMG_9140Contractors were improving the towpath on the far side.  I doubt this is being funded by Peel Holdings, the owners of the canal and suspect it’s a government grant.

The lighthouse continues to warn boaters about the sharp bend. Smile


I wonder if Fly Boat Dee ever moves from the mooring on the northern edge of Worsley.


I assume this is where England’s canal history started.  Entrance to the Duke of Bridgewater’s underground coal mines is between the two building in the above photo.  His decision to build the canal to convey the coal from his mines to Manchester revolutionized transport and dramatically reduced the cost.


Down there under the pedestrian footbridge.


An interesting looking boathouse.

We cruised on through countryside but with the odd glimpse of history reminding us of the areas coal mining past.


Eventually we reached Leigh, passing off the Bridgewater Canal and onto the Leeds & Liverpool.  We’ll probably stay here a few days as we need to go back into Manchester to collect the last of the packages being delivered using the post restante service.


Ade said...

Nice post Tom classic pictures given the Waiouru treatment.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade
Now the weather is changing Waiouru could do with some TIC. I have a feeling this will involve at least one bottle of Craftmaster polish! 😊

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Tom, Jan
The boathouse with the stripey doors was home to the Duke's inspection barge -
Queen Victoria is supposed to have traveled on the canal from here...

Tom and Jan said...

Now that is interesting Geoff!