Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Good & Bad

The bow thruster stopped thrusting to starboard (the right) but it works to port (the left).  I’ve done some fault finding and almost thought I’d found the problem when I removed the control panel finding a loose wire.


Then I remembered the 5th wire is a spare.  More fault finding confirmed the control panel has failed.  As you can see in the above photo, it’s a sealed unit and will have to be replaced.  I’m now looking for the cheapest supplier.

On a more positive note Jan was able to go online and buy a replacement recliner chair for mine which broke a week ago.  Taking delivery was going to be the problem, however she worked out the supplier was affiliated to Lloyds Pharmacy and arranged to take delivery from the local outlet in Stockton Heath.  It arrived today so son and I went to collect it using the collapsible sack trolley.  The large cardboard box fitted through the side hatch. 


Read the instructions first.               Assemble carefully                 Assembled chair


Alf said...

What a strange person you are !! Reading the instructions first !! I always thought that it was "if all else fails, read the instructions" ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

Yes, I surprised myself. Actually the assembly seemed to be quicker than usual. 😁

Dave said...

Hi Tom

If the bow thruster switch really is dead, before you bin it have a good look for joints in the plastic. Might need a bit of force and a sharp knife (carefull) but worth having a go to see if you can get it apart.

If you totally break it you haven't really lost anything.

You can always glue/mastic it back together.

Probably the switch inside has failed and its probably a standard microswitch or push to make switch so easy to change once you get in.

Tom and Jan said...

Dave I think it might be a problem with the printed circuit board as the led lights on the panel now will not go out.

Les Biggs said...

Man up and don't bother with toys.

Tom and Jan said...

But I love my Teddy. He always agrees with me and never answers back!