Wednesday, 10 February 2016

On the move

By 6.30 this morning Imogen had departed leaving us to decide what we might do.  The condensation on the inside of the Houdini hatches had frozen overnight and the forecast was for more cold weather so we decided to move down to the CRT facilities at Etruria and fill the water tank.  It’s 10 days since we last filled the tank and we had reached the half full mark.  Jan put on a load of laundry during the short cruise.  On the way there we also decided we would pump out the black water tank.  It wasn’t even half full but at this time of the year getting frozen in with a half full tank might be unpleasant.

To my surprise the 48 hour moorings were empty.  I walked down here five days ago and found three moored boats.  Emptying the black water tank didn’t take long but filling the half empty water tank took well over an hour.

IMG_8845 Taking on water

These tasks were all done under the watchful eyes of a long term local resident.


Jan disposed our rubbish whilst I winded Waiouru.  We are now moored on the 48 hour moorings which are actually 14 days during winter.  After dusk I took the camera for a local walk in an effort to practice my photography.  I’ve decided there isn’t an artistic fibre In my body.  I’m analytical to the last molecule!


It took me ages fiddling with the setting to get the above image.  The other photos of the same scene were black.


The naked eye couldn’t actually see this scene so the camera did a good job collecting some light.  But it’s blurred.


This one isn’t quite as burred, but it looks washed out.

I can’t decided which of these next two are the better or the worst! Smile


Oh well, our youngest son arrives in a couple of days and I will beg/bribe some more free lessons.

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