Sunday, 7 February 2016

More Visitors

Still here <cough cough sneeze> but hopefully over the worst of it. 

Working boat Halsall sounded it’s horn before passing us.  All out fuel tanks are almost full and I have two full cans so we didn’t buy anything from him.


This morning we had three callers on the off-side.  One we only heard when he called out “Kia Ora” from the far bank so I guess there is some type of NZ connection.  The other two waited around the side hatch for Jan to give them an early lunch.


The Canadians are much smarter than the local ducks.  Feed a duck and it quacks noisily inviting all the relatives.  The food portions are correspondingly smaller.  The Canadians silently eat the lot.

Mid afternoon Jan felt the boat rock and heard voices outside.  On opening the back hatch she found three mid teens youths of middle-eastern appearance.  Two were at the bow and one waiting at the stern.  The two at the bow had just finished untying the bow rope when Jan appeared.  No doubt the one at the stern had the same intention.  They ran off laughing whilst I went out to resecure the boat.  No harm done this time.

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