Saturday, 6 February 2016


It started three days ago.  First it was a slight dizziness which progressed to bouts of nausea; especially after eating or smelling food.  I have noticed my waistline has expanded and my chest hurts.  That’s when I realized what I had….. Morning sickness!   However today I developed persistent a cough and runny nose; so it looks like I have ‘man flu’.

The plan for the day was to relax and recuperate but the damned satellite box went on the blink.  Initially it would only show audio channels, but then it stopped working altogether.  I had to get out the multimeter and start fault finding.  Of course this meant dismantling much of the relevant wiring to get at the back of the box.  Eventually I worked back to the source of the problem which was a defective 12V cigarette socket.  Once that was replaced everything worked and then all I had to do was restore everything before cleaning up my mess.

I’ve been feeling too miserable to do anything else.  Not looking for sympathy, rather warning readers there may not be a post tomorrow. 

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