Thursday, 4 February 2016

First snow of 2016

Woke to a noticeably cooler day this morning and went to look out the back hatch.


Something happened during the night!


Just a light dusting of snow that had disappeared by 10am.  The sky was mostly blue but a slight wind and low temperature meant we needed to wrap up before heading to the supermarket for a few essentials.  The rest of the day was spent tucked up inside Waiouru where the stove kept us toasty warm.

Around 6pm I decided to go for a local walk and play with the camera.  The first photo opportunity was opposite the Toby Carvery.  I must have taken dozens of photos unsuccessfully experimenting for a good picture.  This is the best of the bad.


A short walk further south along the towpath took me to the busy A53 (Etruria Road) dual bridges across the canal and this is where I saw what appeared to be a squat version of the Braunston windmill.  It is obscured from the south by the bridge approach and in summer would be obscured by the trees adjacent to the towpath.  It’s actually in the corner of the BET365 car park.


It’s not a former windmill.  My map and the OSM both name it as Josiah Wedgewood’s first bottle kiln.  I’ve walked this way in daylight on two previous occasions and never noticed it. 

There was a fantastic night scene at Etruria junction and I must have spent 10 minutes attempting to photograph it.  I unsuccessfully tried all the combinations of aperture and ISO speed before eventually deciding to give up.  That’s when I noticed the low battery level icon flashing! Sad smile

Oh well… another day!

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