Saturday, 13 February 2016

Aussie BBQ

I guess many of our non Australian readers will have never seen an Aussie BBQ so a big thank you to Carolanne for sending us the following photo.

bbq Last night Jan was looking out the side hatch and happened to notice there was a nearby supermarket.  She grabbed her camera and took a photo so I’d know where to walk.


Meanwhile I walked to Stoke Railway Station where I met our youngest son who had travelled over from Belgium to spend a few days with us.  His Pear Apple laptop needed a replacement battery which I had collected from Hanley post office the previous day.  The two nerds then started the fiddly task of doing the replacement.  Well one did the manual fiddly bits whilst the older and wiser one supervised! Smile


It was a reasonably simple task for the young person with the good eyesight.  The wiser one suggested the installation be tested before the back was screwed back in place.  The original battery was 3 years old and had reached the end of its effective life of about 1000 cycles.  He actually got 1200 cycles from the battery.  The plan is to keep the Mac for at least another 3 years.

In the afternoon Waiouru started to rock slightly and Jan realized another boat was passing.  It was Polly at the tiller on nb Follow the Willow. 


She and Pete had planned to go up the Caldon but there is a bridge closure which they hadn’t known about and as a consequence they’ve changed their minds.  We are also likely to be on the move tomorrow.


Sue said...

Love that BBQ Tom.. They don't have any on!

Tom and Jan said...

I think I'd buy a new rather than used one!