Monday, 4 January 2016

Was it us?

It rained all day yet despite that the only other moored boat decided to move. The crew donned their wet weather gear and winded the boat to reverse their course heading back towards Nantwich. We did wonder why they decided to go in the rain today rather than yesterday when the weather was better.  Perhaps their decision was made when one of us flushed the toilet! Oh well, back to being ‘Nigel no friend’.

At midday we put on our own raincoats and headed to the nearby Stanley Arms which had some good food reviews on Trip Advisor.  Things started to look omenous when we noticed the hoardings outside advertising it was available to lease.  Suspicions were confirmed when the barman informed us they didn’t serve food.  He was most apologetic and recommended we try the Coach House Inn beside the Cathedral. If he had told us it was located where the Chester Christmas Market is held we might have found it faster.  We had a very good  Sunday roast with both of us choosing the beef.  On the way back to Waiouru Jan noticed one of those Ye Olde Sweet shops which seemed to drag her inside.  Memories of childhood I suspect.  The lady owner somehow managed to separate us from some of our coins.

sweetsTwo tins of boiled sweets to attract young girls. A lemon sherbert and two sugar mice for Jan.

We had just made it back inside Waiouru when the sound of an arriving boat cound be heard.  On peering out the porthole we observed nb Fearndale arriving in the rain.  No…. not THAT Ferndale….Fearndale. It will be interesting to see if they leave next time we flush or should we dress with the front doors closed.

During the afternoon I had the urge to go for a walk but sensibly lay down until the feeling passed.


DougF said...

Does the lying down till the feeling passes work for any inclination to undertake less sedentary pursuits?

Judith Emery said...

Happy new year to you both. I do love reading your blog it makes me laugh. Keep it going it brightens many a dull day. Enjoy the rest of your winter cruising it'll soon be spring.
Judith and John
nb Serena

Tom and Jan said...

Doug, You should try it and see for yourself! 😊

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Judith, Happy New Year to you and John