Monday, 25 January 2016

They were expecting us!

Someone has been staring at Waiouru ever since we moored here and as a consequence we’ve had to leave the foam bungs in the offside portholes to maintain some privacy.


He’s very persistent.

We wandered up the towpath to The Broughton Arms in Rode Heath for Sunday lunch.  You can’t see the canal in the photo as it’s behind the Pub and to the left.


A sign on the other side of the canal mentions the area was once a hive of salt mining with the canal playing its part in transporting the finished product.  Today it looks very rural.

The pub staff must have been expecting us because one of the first phrases was “Here comes trouble!” Obviously they were expecting us.  I did ask how they knew and the barman confessed it was uttered to almost everyone who entered!.

Lunch was a success (9/10).


The potatoes were especially tasty.

After lunch we wandered across to the village store for a few essentials. It was actually quite large inside.  It also contains an ATM and post office.


Jan and the lady behind the counter ganged up on me. I was required to hand over the £10 note Jan gave me as pocket money a month ago.  The reason for this was Jan only had a larger note and didn’t want to break It.  You may wonder why I get pocket money if it’s to be taken back after being nibbled on by moths in the wallet.  I did query the demand, but the sisterhood soon put me in my place.

Outside was one of those public post boxes which appear to be unique to the UK.


I don’t recall seeing one in Australia or New Zealand.  They are usually a red box metal container rather than something this fancy.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

That post box might be rarer than you think. It seems to show a 4:30pm collection time. Since privatisation many have been changed to show much earlier times like 8:00am, even on weekdays, which makes running a mail order business tricky when the last collection has gone before you receive the first order.

Tom and Jan said...

Then it's even more interesting! However I'm more interested in the shape.