Thursday, 7 January 2016

The meal and the mixer

Last night I happened to notice the cold water knob on the shower mixer was loose so that’s an outstanding maintenance job.  This morning we walked back into Chester town centre.  It’s magazine day and Jan also wanted to visit Marks & Spencers.  The “Spoons” was very close to M&S so we decided to take advantage of the “Spoons” pre-noon big breakfast offer <burp>.  The place was full of wrinklies which means we probably blended in!  Jan found the size and style slacks she was looking for in M&S.  She has had problems in the past finding the sort she wanted.  I suggested she buy every pair on the rack that fitted her.  That filled the day pack.  Next stop was PoundWorld for some galley washing up sponges and then on to WH Smith for the magazines. 
We were back at that boat by 1pm and I then decided to walk to Go Outdoors and collect the shoes I’d ordered there on Monday.  This time I took the blue route (yesterday’s post).  A slight detour on the way back took me to the point where the canal enters the River Dee.  The lock looks very dilapidated.
It’s very hard to see in the above photo but there is a 3 foot drop to the river level just beyond the open lock gates.  It looks like a weir so a boat would only be able to use this lock if the level of the river was higher.  Looking in the opposite direction you can see the second lock.  This one has the lower gates wired closed.
20160106_144333I have the feeling very few boats come this way!
After resting my hot feet for a few minutes I decided to tackle the loose knob on the shower mixer.  Not being 15, I no longer know everything! Smile  Nor can I remember how the shower mixer fitted together……. Well it was three years ago! 
IMG_8719I didn’t forget to turn off the water pump before removing the mixer off the wall.  The problem with the knob was then more apparent.
IMG_8721First job was to put on my glasses.  That enabled me to see the small chrome plug in the end of the knob.  Obviously the plug had to be removed and I guessed there would be a retaining screw underneath.  I borrowed a sewing pin from Jan and started to probe around the edge of the plug.  In the process I stumbled upon a small rebate in the edge of the plug.
IMG_8720You might be able to see the small hole in the above photo.  With a little leverage from the pin the plug popped off  to reveal a cross head screw.
I could have tightened the screw and re-assembled everything but it seemed silly to not thoroughly clean the mixer whilst everything was accessible.  Jan decided she was much better at cleaning (who am I to argue) and set to it using the “Pink” to remove all the water scale.
10% completed
Once the mixer was cleaned to her satisfaction I re-assembled everything and we tested the shower. 
I’ve just realized we are getting very close to a 250 hour engine service which means a walk to Halfords for some engine oil.  And I should really dip the front diesel tank to see how much fuel we have left for the Refleks stove.
Jan has decided she would like new shoes.  Go Outdoors doesn’t have them in stock which means another walk there so I can ordered them for collection in a couple of days.


Sue said...

I do hope you are using quidco for all these purchases Tom. Halfords give 3% cash back on click and collect and Go Outdoors 5%

Tom and Jan said...

Sue, Is the pope a catholic, are the Kennedy's gun-shy? :-)

Pip and Mick said...
Hi Tom. The above is an interesting read about a nb traversing the weir in Chester. You might want to go and have a look whilst you are there.
There is a move to make the Dee Locks Branch more apealing to boaters and improve the access onto the tidal Dee.

Tom and Jan said...

I hadn't realized the river was tidal at this point and didn't know there was a large weir further upstream.