Friday, 22 January 2016

So Simple

I write this from the middle of Hong Fat’s chinese laundry.  Actually the temperature in the boat has dropped by several degrees as a consequence of doing a load of laundry this morning.  It’s now hanging either side of us on the towel rails under the gunwales.  The wet laundry is sucking the warmth out of the cabin as it drying.  Now this would be a great air-conditioning system in the middle of a hot English summer but not so welcome in the middle of winter.


You can see in the photo above that having full length finrad central heating at floor level on both sides of the cabin provides an ideal source of heat for drying damp laundry.

The first boat that passed this morning was breaking ice which indicates how cold it was outside.  Jan said there was a heavy frost on the ground (I stayed under the duvet) when she looked out the porthole.

The Nook eReader has been failing.  The main screen would lock-up and it would not respond to my finger swipes.  However the buttons would work and I could change pages.  The problem was I couldn’t select a new book from the library as that action used the touch screen. All very frustrating as it’s only just under three years since we bought it.  I had an idea that the problem might be solved if I updated the firmware but without a working touch screen couldn’t navigate to the setting screen.  Not that installing the firmware would have done much good as there hasn’t been any upgrades since we bought it.  Eventually I started researching a cheap replacement and was forced to consider the Amazon Kindle. It would mean an increase of £10 compared to the original price of the Nook but the Kindle was the next cheapest option. 

This morning I did what I should have done when the problem arose several weeks ago.  I searched the internet.  To my surprise there were many other owners who had also experienced an unresponsive screen problem.  The suggested solution was to clean the screen.  My Nook screen doesn’t look dirty….. surely it wasn’t that easy to solve the problem?  Well I cleaned it with window cleaner and the Nook now works.  Who would have thought invisible finger grease on the screen would be the source of the problem.

If your touch screen stops working, try cleaning it!

Adam, we do have the full set of Pearson’s Guides.  We bought them before arriving in the UK and I even scanned and laminated the map pages.  However I find it much easier to view the electronic map on the display.  But you have reminded me we should be referring to them more often! 

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