Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Shopping Day

A new pair of outdoor shoes will be required shortly so I decided to walk to the Chester outlet of Go Outdoors and purchase another pair of the same make/model that I bought last year when we were on the river Stort NE of London.  I checked the stock online, they had the make and size I required.  The store is on the other bank of the River Dee with no obvious direct route.  In the end it tourned out to be a 10km round trip.  My route took me west on the A548 and then SW on Ferry Lane.  The sign post at the junction pointed to “High Ferry” and I was wondering whether the walk would involve a ferry trip across the Dee.  At the end of Ferry Lane I discovered a concrete pedestrian bridge that spanned the Dee.


There was obviously a current after all the recent rain, but the river didn’t appear to be in spate and the flood strip between the river and floodbank was dry.


Looking SE towards Chester


Looking NW towards the Irish Sea

My route out is shown in red on the map below.  The return route is in green.  Actually it would have been slightly shorter to walk the purple route.

Go Outdoors

After carefully examining the ground in Google Earth there is yet another route which appears to be 2km shorter.  It’s shown in blue on the next map.

Go Outdoors Alt Route

On reaching the store I discovered they didn’t have my size in stock.  The excuse was they were waiting for new stock after the Christmas rush.  I asked “When” and was informed they didn’t know.  Then the sales assistant told me I could order and pay for them online and collect from the store.  This would take 1-2 days.

Jan then decided she would like a new pair of shoes.  Unfortunately we can’t order them online because she isn’t sure of her size.  Well that’s tomorrow’s itinerary sorted.  We will walk into Chester town centre and visit the various outdoor shops.

Meanwhile I also manged to collect my latest eBay purchase from Argos.  A wacking great brown package which contained a nano usb wifi adapter.

IMG_8718 I almost burst out laughing when the store assistant gave me the package.  Note the size of the wifi adapter.  Now all I have to do is configure it to work with the Raspberry Pi.

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Richard said...

Happy New Year to you both.

Interestingly I went to Go Outdoors today in Warrington and was extremely disappointed with their stock levels. Level of choice was close on zero!!

Hp[e you are both well


Richard NB Pendle Warter