Saturday, 2 January 2016

On to Chester

With the weather forecast for the weekend looking rather grim we decided to move.  The plan was to get to Chester where we could wait out the weekend.  On the way we’d stop at the water point on the way and top up the tank.

It seemed a sound plan and went well until we reached the water point.  The continuous moorer was still on the water point and a second boat had only just squeezed in wanting water.  This forced us to loiter around waiting for the second boat to leave.  Eventually they did and we started to fill our tank.  Then the continuous moorer arrived back at his boat collecting my winter waterproof gloves where I had left them beside the water tap.  Jan realised he had taken them and I had to go and request their return. 

Five locks today and the first two were against us as the boat from the water point was ahead.  They moored near Aldi which allowed us to overtake.  By now two things had happened.  At each lock Jan found herself the centre of attention with numerous gongoozlers asking questions.  We should have sold tickets!  Around 11.30am the temperature suddenly fell.  Jan was OK because she was doing all the physical stuff.  Poor old me started to do some shivering.  The T-shirts we bought for me in Hong Kong on the way to the UK in 2011 are now very thin.  Actually you can see through them!  It’s the first day of 2016 and we appear to be on the receiving end of the first real day of winter.

As we reached Chemistry Lock I happened to notice the chimney in the distance.  It has an unusual addition which made me curious.


I think I’ll have to walk to the location to find out more.

We finally moored outside Tesco around 1pm.  Then it started to rain Smile


Pip and Mick said...

Tom, it's not a chimney, it had another purpose. But I'm not going to spoil your fun on finding out what it was built for in 1799.
Happy New Year, keep warm
Pip and Mick

Tom and Jan said...

Mick I've already identified it as one of the last shot towers in England. The lift as added in 1971. Still worth a walk for a closer look.

KevinTOO said...

Happy New Year Tom & Jan :)

Looks like you've just missed the shot tower on fire...

Tom and Jan said...

Jeez KevinTOO give me a chance, I'm right at the beginning whereas you know everything 😁 One day I might catch up but it's going to be a marathon rather than a sprint!

KevinTOO said...

Sorry for spoiling your fun Tom :(

I'll be going back to my normal dopey self when I return to work on Monday... LOL

Tom and Jan said...

Somehow I just don't believe there is a dopey part to you! 😀