Tuesday, 26 January 2016


With bad weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday we decided to move closer to civilization today.  It was blustery and the wind was actually quite strong in a couple of places.  However it wasn’t particularly cold.  Jan was lucky eough to keep warm by doing all the maunal lock work whilst I was stuck at the tiller.

It Is obvious CRT have been doing some winter maintenance on the T&M as their base just north of Rode Heath is looking very chewed up.


Shortly there after we reached the first set of four locks.  We’d done the first two when a boat approached from the opposite direction.  So happy as this meant the locks would now be in our favour.


At Church Bottom Lock we met a second boat.  The steerer comment “I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be out in this weather!”  I understood what he meant when we exited the top lock to find a very strong side wind wanting to push Waiouru against the edge.


Away in the distance Mow Cop could be seen on the skyline. (Got it right this time Halfie!)  I doubt the Methodists will be up there today!

We then met our third boat at Kents Lock.  The lady doing the lock told Jan they had come through Harecastle Tunnel earlier in the day and were trying to get as far north as possible ahead of the bad weather.  Most of the 48 hour moorings at Red Bull were vacant.


The is the first location we have seen this winter where the winter mooring time isn’t 14 days.


Notice the “All year” restriction.

We stopped a the CRT facilities to top up the water tank and dispose of the rubbish.  Jan then worked Waiouru up two more locks before we moored.  I went to Aldi Kidsgrove for some essentials whilst Jan sorted out the boat. 

One think we’ve noticed at the mooring.  There are as many dog faeces here as you’d find in Nuneaton.  We have to be very careful where we step.

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