Thursday, 17 December 2015

Whixhall to Whitchurch

A bright and sunny day, albeit slightly windy.  After several weeks of rain or overcast sky it was great weather for cruising.  We left Whixhall Moss around 9.30am and shortly thereafter Jan had to work Waiouru through the first of four lift bridges. 

Just look at that blue sky

I remembered to look for that cage in the canal we saw on the way up.  I had assumed it had rolled down the bank from the farm but Gary (nb Inca) had left a comment on the original post suggesting it was a filter. 

 On closer inspection I believe he is correct.  It’s a steel mesh cage wrapped in shade cloth which acts as the crude filter.  There is a pipe out of side on the far side running to the timber box and then up the hill to the farm.

After winding up the second lift bridge Jan found time to take a photo of Waiouru.
She then took another photo of the bridge as we left.

After passing through the third lift bridge we noticed the disturbed earth and fresh gravel on the towpath realizing this is where the recent stoppage was to repair the culvert running under the canal.  One of the local boaters confirmed this when he called out “Nice to see some water back in the canal!”

At the fourth bridge I remembered to take a photo of Jan doing the hard work.

 Whitchurch Marina moorings are all linear and now the hire season is over all their boats are squeezed into a very confined area.  They had lifted six out of the water and onto the grass as there wasn’t enough water to store them afloat.  We just fitted through.

It was just past noon when we moored at Whitchurch just before the fifth lift bridge.  Something for Jan to look forward to.  We don’t have the dot but there is a strong terrestrial signal and good internet coverage.

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