Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Amazon TV Fire Stick

If you’ve been regularly reading the blog you may recall I mentioned the Amazon TV Fire Stick we purchased back in the middle of the year.  Amazon sells the Fire Stick with the intention of purchasers buying content from them.  The device enables video and music content to be streamed over the internet to a TV.  The Fire Stick looks like this…..

fire stick 1 

A small remote control with a 240V power supply and the Fire Stick which plugs into the HDMI port on the TV.

I’m most reluctant to purchase video content from Amazon and have planned to use the stick as a “client” for my proposed network media server.  I wanted to use the Kodi software and actually managed to install Kodi onto the Fire Stick.  The problem was that whilst Amazon had left a “hole” in their software security making it possible to install Kodi on the device, it requires a significant number of keystrokes to find the Kodi application.

Today I discovered someone far cleverer than me has been able to produce a “work around” which circumvents the proprietry Amazon main screen and replaces it with one showing the applications I have installed on the Fire Stick.  The program is FireStarter and the installation link is here.

We now have two “clients” for the proposed network media system.

<Phew>  Another completed boring nerdy post on a cold and rainy day! Smile

Jan here….. Yawn!

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